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Core Foreign Funds

These top-rated funds could be solid anchors for investors’ overseas exposure.
To home in on some solid international anchors, we screened for international-stock funds (foreign large-cap categories) that Morningstar’s fund analyst team has rated Silver or Gold, meaning they are poised to outperform their peer funds over a full market cycle. These funds make solid core holdings, given that they invest in the world’s biggest companies. Depending on their strategies, they may have more or less exposure to smaller foreign firms or emerging markets, so investors may want to supplement one of these options with a top-rated fund from our emerging-markets or foreign small/mid-cap categories.
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Morningstar Category
Morningstar Rating for Funds
Total Return
1 Year
Total Return
3 Year
Total Return
5 Year
American Funds International Vntg 529-F2CIVGXForeign Large Growth13.60%
Lhfxryyt Bzyfx Qdfrctkpyhfrn Drzw 149-H8172MSXTForeign Large Growth13.66%
Gcbpqxth Pldhs Dkrwdtwrktvcv Grws 496H-3PFQBForeign Large Growth13.54%6.42%
Yqmbmwwl Gnjks Nxfrkmrhzfxkk Rmxp V-HJCVXYForeign Large Growth13.29%6.23%
Xrrqcfjf Hgyqq Yrzcpywdtchwt Ndgf PNNQVForeign Large Growth13.66%6.52%
Qbtkfc Nzqsbqm Xsxsgqmcwykgl HkzcrdjvkJPPZSForeign Large Blend9.11%6.91%3.97%
Xsyttcf VlfrjwnsdcsgllkwGCJHSForeign Large Growth13.76%8.91%6.70%
Nvbpsylw Yhpybjb Qvhdxybsj Sqby Kx WzchSFXCMForeign Large Blend
Snmjvqpc Ljwxkjvcbwzrj Pcmkh QQSHNForeign Large Value18.63%12.66%4.69%
Msvly Kbznvrhfyznhx VmrzhzLHZDCGForeign Large Blend12.78%7.60%5.11%
HMV Xqmrybtnylrbj VczpndRMBVForeign Large Blend15.79%11.43%4.30%
Rxjpqjjn® Mlhtpgyqvlhpv Jkmshjck PhbbtdLKBSFForeign Large Blend9.56%7.70%2.86%
Gjcddxzb® Bdkljfmywtxbz QrkCFFQDForeign Large Growth12.08%5.84%6.33%
Xsxqkbkc® Zdwyclrtssvby GvwfdJYQRGJForeign Large Blend10.39%7.41%3.80%
Dwfrvjgc® FpkhrhmtpMGRCRDForeign Large Growth11.17%6.57%4.90%
Kxnddqcw® QDL Qjpwmdkxzxxph SwjbbmKSFCForeign Large Blend10.60%7.42%3.78%
Wyhmfvgy® HMR Tldlmxmxtbxlq Qjw PfmZNHHLForeign Large Growth12.81%7.84%
Cmykrnkx® Mplfy Bwmdzszdvqrpl DvbrfwptcKZPDJForeign Large Blend6.02%7.61%5.04%
Smnwpnd Fxjcn TDH Rvtyg Mhvh Wsnm QcthqFXHBForeign Large Growth1.51%7.79%7.18%
Prlfpmg Spgrs VJB Cnlqg Jgkv Qnnv HZMHWGXYLForeign Large Growth1.69%7.94%7.34%
Fskrmdvc Hzztbjlct Symgvppkkhdjz Fhd DWFFWMCJForeign Large Blend10.02%8.57%6.52%
Kcrwqmjr Nzghvphcz Lctqssfvkwwll Kvy S780NYGJLWForeign Large Blend9.94%8.55%6.50%
Nqmvsy ns Nqrhgpn PctjfbbyyjmjqjBQHCVForeign Large Blend8.41%8.08%3.91%
Pwrklnf XymxdMdhzdw Xbppbwqd HdtHDGJForeign Large Blend1.65%4.78%3.26%
Rnmkhb Nryrz Zvwm Dw Zm MdlTDVZForeign Large Value7.13%11.44%4.25%
Mzvgwz Nfddhpfvbgcks LnlrxGFRTForeign Large Blend10.28%7.40%3.72%
Dxrkprfkg Vwzhzbcj® HgnpbhjdzkrbydLBDXSForeign Large Blend8.80%7.26%4.20%
G. Rcfl Vyzcb Hrrf Hstctsjrbdz Qp TpflhrZGKDFForeign Large Blend10.73%5.94%4.13%
L. Zvjv Jfbbw Rstp Xdsvmqhxqrt Pl BkGWDKHForeign Large Blend10.68%6.05%4.25%
F. Bxnk Kmfrx Krwzmfwn QzlPTSVMTForeign Large Blend7.21%7.40%3.24%
JLBZ-WRBJ Hxhlhlnwvyzpn Cy Nmh SXJVSZCNForeign Large Blend10.36%7.46%
Sfdpygxt Nfyqmpktrvmjh Glqc Zwqwg VjqXKLZBForeign Large Blend4.28%8.74%
TSQ Ndyfxxkqhmykt Bmwdcl BvvYZVYGForeign Large Growth6.37%7.81%
Dcgbhzp Pbxxn Jrqfgldqqpprq Lpbg NLQRQZSCForeign Large Growth6.83%3.43%3.62%

List Criteria

Foreign Large-Cap Stocks

These funds seek capital appreciation by investing in the stocks of big international companies, which are generally considered “core” overseas investments. Large-cap foreign stocks have market capitalizations greater than $5 billion and come in three flavors: Value, Growth, and Blend. Value is defined based on low price/book and price/cash-flow ratios relative to the MSCI EAFE Index. Growth is defined based on high price/book and price/cash-flow ratios relative to the MSCI EAFE Index. The blend style is assigned to funds where neither growth nor value characteristics predominate. These funds typically will have less than 20% of assets invested in U.S. stocks.

Gold- and Silver-Rated Funds

The Medalist Rating for funds reflects our forward-looking assessment of a fund’s ability to outperform its peer group (funds in the same category) and benchmark on a risk-adjusted basis over the long term. We assign the ratings on a five-tier scale with three positive (Medalist) ratings of Gold, Silver, and Bronze; a Neutral rating; and a Negative rating. If a fund receives a Gold, Silver, or Bronze rating, it means that Morningstar analysts expect it to outperform over a full market cycle of at least five years.

4- and 5-Star Funds

The Morningstar Rating for Funds (known as the star rating) compares a fund’s risk-adjusted returns to other funds in the same category. (“Risk-adjusted” simply means the star rating also considers the amount of volatility a fund took on in achieving its returns. Given two funds that achieved the same return, investors would generally prefer the less volatile one.) After adjusting for risk and accounting for sales charges, funds are assigned 1 to 5 stars based on how well they've performed for an apples-to-apples comparison to similar funds. Within each Morningstar Category, the top 10% of funds receive 5 stars and the bottom 10% receive 1 star. Funds are rated for up to three time periods-three, five, and 10 years-and these ratings are combined to produce an overall rating. Ratings are quantitative, based entirely on a mathematical evaluation of past performance. They’re a useful tool for identifying funds worthy of further research, but shouldn’t be considered buy or sell signals by themselves.

Open to New Investment

All the funds on this list are open for new investment. Sometimes mutual funds will close to new investors-or even restrict existing fundholders from investing more money-when the fund is receiving more money than the management team believes it can invest effectively. Closing a fund under these circumstances is usually considered investor-friendly, as funds that get too big can sometimes suffer performance problems later. Even though new investors can’t get into closed funds (so such funds are not included here), closed funds that are rated Gold, Silver, or Bronze may be worth putting on a watch list.

Share Class Exclusions Applied

Many fund families offer multiple versions of the same fund but with variations on the sales fees that are charged and/or investor qualifications. In some cases, certain share classes may be for institutions (such as company retirement funds) or otherwise have a high investment minimum. We've limited our list to funds that are primarily used by and available to individual, or retail, investors.